Project Description

The Manu Biosphere National Reserve covers an area of ​​almost 2.25 million hectares (almost half the size of Switzerland) and is one of the largest conservation units on earth, covering the entire basin of the Manu River, with an altitudinal range of 200 m. at 4200 m above sea level. Manu for the diversity of life forms. The reserve of the great birds of the birds, a magical animal kingdom that offers the best opportunity to see giant otters, jaguars, tropical jungle, the most remote area of ​​the reserve, the home of the indigenous groups with little knowledge of the word out .

Manu Biosphere Reserve, a restricted area, the cultural zone, where there are towns and bases, and the reserved area open to tourists and research activities.

In Manu you can expect to see the species in danger of extinction, there are more than 800 species of birds among which are the cock of the rocks, bird representative of Peru, in addition, there are animals of different species, bats, butterflies and 2000 species of plants, the trees are here more than 45 meters high.