CLASSIC PERU 16 days 15 nights

Peru is a country with amazing contrasts. Depending on which part you choose to visit, culture and landscapes differ radically.

During this trip, we will have the chance to discover colonies of seals, at the Ballestas Islands, and to fly over the famous Nasca lines. Leaving the ocean behind, we will visit the white city of Arequipa and we will see condors flying in Colca Canyon. We will deepen our discoveries on the Peruvian Altiplano (high plateau) where we will visit the highest navigable lake in the world: the Titicaca. Afterwards, we will be charmed by the magical city of Cusco and especially by the impressive citadel of Machu Picchu.


Day 1: Arrival in Lima

Meeting with a representative of the agency at the airport and private transfer to the hotel.

Along the way, our representative will provide information on the city and its places of interest as well as practical information such as where to change money, for example.

He will review the program, more precisely, and answer any questions.

Meals included: none

Day 2: Lima City Tour

The whole day will be dedicated to the visit of the city, with our guide.

He will make us discover the historic center, the Plaza de Armas and the monastery of San Francisco.

We will have lunch in one of the most famous restaurants of the capital and will be able to taste the Peruvian culinary specialties with seafood.

The afternoon will be devoted to the visit of the “huacas”, pre-Inca ceremonial sites destined to devotion to the deities. These spectacular ruins will help us better understand the incredible cultures that inhabited this region hundreds of years ago.

Meals included: breakfast and lunch.

Day 3: Lima – Paracas – Paracas National Reserve

We will leave Lima by private transport, early in the morning.

We will cross the coastal desert and arrive four hours later in the Bay of Paracas. Then, towards the local pier, we will leave for a two-hour boat trip to the Ballestas Islands.

Along the way, we will see the Candelabro (chandellier), a huge drawing on the side of one of the huge sand dunes along the coast. The Ballestas Islands are a collection of rocks that break waves and wind. We will have the chance to observe seal colonies in their natural habitat.

We will return to the port of Paracas and, around 10.30am, we will head towards the national reserve of Paracas, a zone constantly hit by strong winds which, for thousands of years, have eroded the stone and the sand, creating incredible formations that we will be able to appreciate.

After the tours, we will enjoy a delicious lunch as well as the magnificent view of the Pacific Ocean.

Accommodation in Paracas, at the chosen hotel.

Meals included: breakfast and lunch.

Day 4: Overview of the Nazca Lines – Transport to Arequipa

At an agreed time, we will leave for Nasca.

Then, aboard a small plane, we will fly over the famous lines. The drawings have left scientists puzzled since their discovery, in the 1920s. These are huge geometric and spiral patterns, representing, animal figures (a monkey, a spider, among others), an “owl man”, as well as other drawings and thousands of lines, perfectly straight. All these lines have remained perfectly intact on the surface of the desert.

Around noon, we will visit the city of Ica, famous for its cellars (bodegas), viticulture and winemaking tradition.

In the afternoon, we will take a bus to the city of Arequipa, where we will arrive in the morning the next day.

Meals included: breakfast and lunch.

Day 5: White city of Arequipa

Arrival in Arequipa early in the morning, transfer to the hotel and check-in.

Free morning to rest.

The afternoon will be devoted to the discovery of the city, also known as “the white city” because of the predominance of the white volcanic rock called “sillar”, used in the construction of its buildings.

We will begin our tour by visiting the magnificent convent of Santa Catalina, founded in 1580 and located in the historic center of Arequipa; a real little village itself, with its houses for the nuns, its cloisters, its narrow streets, its kitchens, its old ovens and its laundry, magnificently maintained.

From there, we will continue our discovery of the city, by visiting the Andean Sanctuary Museum (Museo Santuarios Andinos) in which the impressive “Mummy Juanita” remains, a young Inca sacrificed as an offering to the Inca deities. It was found only 10 years ago in the Ampato volcano after the eternal snows of glaciers were stirred by an earthquake.

We will continue our journey by going to the Jesuit church. Built by the Jesuit order, it has a beautiful baroque facade, an impressive dome, and a famous cloister.

We will end our visit in the residential areas of Yanahuara and Chilina, which both offer spectacular views of the Misti volcano.

Return to the hotel.

Meals included: breakfast, lunch.

Day 6: Arequipa – Colca Canyon

After breakfast, departure from the hotel.

Our journey will begin with a land trip to Colca Canyon, one of the deepest canyons in the world. On the way, we will drive through Pampa Cañahuas and several cities like Pulpera, Callalli, Sibayo, and Tuti, reaching an altitude of 11,152 ft above sea level.

We will probably have the opportunity to see herds of alpacas and llamas, and perhaps also vicunas.

Inactive volcanoes and curious geological formations due to erosion will also be characteristic of our itinerary.

Finally, we will arrive at Chivay, the largest and most populous city in Colca Canyon, near which most hotels are located.

In the afternoon, we will enjoy a relaxing bath in the thermal waters of La Calera, which are naturally warm due to the volcanic presence in the region.

Meals included: breakfast, lunch.

Day 7: Colca Canyon

This day, we will leave our hotel very early in the morning. We will drive on the left side of the canyon to the viewpoint of Cruz del Cóndor, from where we will see the Andean condor, considered the largest bird in the world with a wingspan of more than 10 ft. We will also appreciate the impressive depth of the canyon.

On our way back to the hotel, we will drive through beautiful typical villages such as Yanque and Maca, with charming colonial churches, and we will have the opportunity to meet the locals wearing their typical outfits of the region.

Along the roads, we will see hundreds of pre-Inca terraces, where people still cultivate Andean products such as corn, quinoa, kiwicha, among others.

In the afternoon, we will have several options: hiking with our guide in order to continue the visit of Colca Valley or simply relaxing at the hotel.

Meals included: breakfast, lunch.

Day 8: Colca Canyon – Sillustani – Puno

After breakfast, we will begin our journey, first taking a dirt road, then the main road that connects Arequipa to Puno.

From Puno, we will continue our way to Lake Titicaca, marking a stop at the archaeological site of Sillustani, located only 21 miles away from the city. It is one of the largest cemeteries in the world. Built once by the Collas, the “chullpas” are gigantic funerary monuments perched at more than 13120 ft above sea level, above a plain surrounded by the beautiful Lake Umayo.

Arrival in Puno and hotel check-in.

Meals included: breakfast, lunch.

Arequipa - Peru Classic 16 days 15 nights

Day 9: Lake Titicaca – Suasi Island

After breakfast, we will meet our guide at the hotel and leave for the port of the city.

We will board a boat that will take us close to Bolivia.

The boat that will take us first to Uros floating islands, a set of living artificial surfaces built with reeds. Its inhabitants, the Uros, descend from an ancestral people currently concentrated on the Collao plateau and the floating islands.

Each of the islands is inhabited by 3 to 10 Uro-Aymara families, who build and carpet their houses with totora mats (reeds).

Then, we will take the boat heading towards Taquile, an island mainly known for its traditions and weaving, an activity performed by men.

We will get back on the boat.

Arrival on Suasi island, one of the Lake Titicaca’s most special places.

From every angle of this small private island, we will have the chance to appreciate the immensity of this impressive lake. The island has an area of ​​more than 106 acres. The only hotel on the island is Hotel Suasi, built with local materials such as stone, adobe (mix of straw and earth) and totora, and with rustic, charming and comfortable architecture.

Installation in our room overlooking the lake.

Meals included: breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Day 10: Suasi Island – Puno

Suasi island is a fabulous place to relax and enjoy the views, the gourmet cuisine of the restaurant and the activities on offer; canoeing around the island, small walks to the viewpoints during the day or at sunset, walking on the beach or just relaxing in the sauna or massage room, among others.

Martha Giraldo, the welcoming owner of the island, lives in the hotel and has a charming little museum that can also be visited.

In the afternoon return by boat to Puno and accommodation at the chosen hotel.

Meals included: breakfast, lunch.

Day 11: Puno – Cusco

Departure from the hotel towards the bus station.

From there, we will leave by bus, to go to the imperial city of Cusco.

On the way, we will mark the first stop at “La Raya”, the highest point and natural border between Cusco and Puno, from where we will have a magnificent view of the Altiplano (the highlands) and the possibility of making beautiful shots.

Afterwards, we will visit the Inca archaeological site of Raqchi, known for its imposing temple dedicated to the god Wiracocha.

We will make a stop at the village of Andahuaylillas, where there is a real architectural jewel from the 17th century: its main church, nicknamed the “Andean Sistine Chapel”. The church surprises with its richly decorated interior and finely painted murals.

Arrival in the city of Cusco in the late afternoon and hotel chek-in.

Meals included: breakfast, lunch.

Day 12: Exploring the city of Cusco by feet and in a different way

After breakfast, we will start our tour of the city of Cusco.

From the Plaza de Armas we will continue in the middle street to Plaza del Regocijo or Cusipata. Inside a courtyard, we will see the building of the municipality of Cusco as well as the Municipal Museum and the art gallery.

The tour will continue along Heladeros Street. Then we will turn off towards Garcilaso Street. These two streets shape the corner of the house of the Inca writer Garcilaso de la Vega, the place where the Regional Historical Museum is located.

We will walk up Garcilaso Street to Plaza San Francisco. There are the church and convent of San Francisco, next to the National School of Sciences, founded by Simon Bolivar. We will also enjoy Santa Clara’s Arch, in memory of the Peru-Bolivia Confederation.

We will continue our visit by feet, taking Santa Clara street, which will allow us to appreciate the church and the monastery of the same name.

Arrival at the market of San Pedro, a market where the population of Cusco regularly comes to shop. Visiting it is an interesting cultural experience that allows to get closer to the population and to better know its customs, its history, its products, its aromas and its mode of exchange.

This place is an authentic expression of the living Quechua culture. We will appreciate the colors, the smells and even taste some products. This market is one of the oldest in Cusco as it was founded in 1925.

Our itinerary will then take us to the Temple of the Sun (Qoricancha or Koricancha), which walls were covered with golden leaves during the Inca Empire. Subsequently, this place became an important convent, during the Spanish colonization.

We will continue our walking tour with the discovery of the Cathedral of the Plaza de Armas, home to some of the most important examples of the famous Cusco School of Painting.

Our visit will finally take us to San Blas, the bohemian quarter of the city, where Cusco’s most renowned artisans and workshops are located, including Mendivil and Merida.

Meals included: breakfast and lunch.

Arequipa - Peru Classic 16 days 15 nights

Day 13: Cusco – Sacsayhuaman – Awanacancha – Sacred Valley

Early in the morning, we will leave for the Sacred Valley.

Along the way, we will visit the archaeological site of Sacsayhuaman. This “ceremonial fortress”, with its megalithic walls, is the greatest architectural work that the Incas carried out during the height of the empire.

We also stop at Awanacancha, a camel breeding center, to learn a little about the ancient weaving techniques used in the creation of Andean clothing.

We will visit the small town of Pisaq, home to one of the largest archaeological centers. The city was probably built in the 15th century, during the expansion of the Inca empire. In addition to the Inca remains, we will discover its colorful market, which will not fail to attract our curiosity.

We will have lunch at Casa Hacienda Orihuela where we will be welcomed by the Lambarri-Orihuela family. This place is a private residence that has an impressive collection of Inca and colonial art, among others.

In the afternoon, we will take the road towards Ollantaytambo, a living Inca village located below an ancient Inca fortress and a temple. We will visit the site and places. Ollantaytambo offers breathtaking views of the valley and gives us the impression of a return to the fifteenth century.

Accommodation at the hotel.

Meals included: breakfast, lunch.

Day 14: Sacred Valley at Machupicchu

Depending on the train schedule, we will head towards Ollantaytambo’s train station. The train is a great experience, in Peru, and this journey, which lasts a little less than 2 hours, will allow us to appreciate the beauty of the landscapes.

Arrival in the city of Aguas Calientes and hotel check-in.

We will then board the bus that will take us to the Inca citadel of Machu Picchu.

We will enjoy a delicious lunch at the famous Machupicchu Sanctuary Lodge, a privileged and unique location, next to the site entrance.

In the afternoon, we will visit the Inca sacred citadel, exploring its main temples and places.

Return to the city of Aguas Calientes and accommodation at the hotel.

Meals included: breakfast, lunch.

Day 15: Machupicchu – Cusco

Free day.

Option 1: continue to freely explore the paths of the sacred city and/or do one of the 2 possible ascents (Huayna Picchu, Machu Picchu Mountain).

Option 2: stay in Aguas Calientes and visit the craft market.

In the afternoon, we will take the train and a vehicle to return to Cusco.

Accommodation at the hotel.

Meals included: breakfast.

Day 16: Cusco – Lima

Transfer to the airport and flight to Lima. Then, connection with the international flight or departure for any other destination.

Meals included: breakfast.

Arequipa - Peru Classic 16 days 15 nights


  • The monumental remains of the Inca Empire and the Spanish colony in Cusco and Machu Picchu.

  • The mysterious Nazca lines and the richness of Paracas National Reserve, which offers a refuge to one of the largest seal colonies in the world.

  • Arequipa and Colca Canyon, with the possibility to see the Andean Condor in its habitat.

  • The local and typical San Pedro market, an authentic expression of the living Quechua culture.

  • Lake Titicaca: the highest navigable lake in the world.

  • Lunch in a private hacienda, home to an impressive collection of art and artifacts, in the Sacred Valley.

  • Gastronomic experience in Lima.


  • Everybody.

  • The route has been designed in such a way that it makes the process of acclimating the body to altitude easier as the program progresses.


  • Low.

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  • All transfers.

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  • Train tickets Cusco – Aguas Calientes – Cusco.

  • Transports to Lake Titicaca.

  • Guides in English / French / Spanish. All our guides are professional, owning an official license and trained in first aid.

  • All guided tours described in the itinerary.

  • Accommodation in a double room with private bathroom in the selected hotel category. Contact us for more information or check out our selection of hotels in the Travel Services section of this site.

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