Vinicunca – Rainbow Mountain Full Day Trek

This full day Vinicunca trek  or Rainbow mountain hike is for people who don’t have lot of time in Cusco and still want to see the spectacular landscapes nearby Ausangate.

During the day you will have opportunities at many different lookouts to stop and appreciate the incomparable beauty of the Peruvian mountains and  Ausangate valleys and take some memorable pictures. On our Rainbow Mountain trek you will see not only one of the most beautiful landscapes in the Ausangate area, but also wild llamas, alpacas, and chinchillas, and you may even see Condors. This part of the country is also unique around Cusco because you’ll observe Andean life still being practiced in the traditional way—and have the chance to meet and talk directly with the local Quechua people.


Early in the morning (about 3:30 am,) we will be at your hotel to pick you up. After youaboard our private transportation, we will drive to Pitumarka where we will have the chance to stop for some picture, relax a little and stretch our legs, there is a small shop where you can buy some snacks or water before start our Rainbow Mountain day hike.

After stopping at Pitumarka we will continue until Quesuno. there we will organize everything before starting our Vinicunca hike. Then we will enjoy a delicious local breakfast and start our adventure to the famous Rainbow Mountain. There is 13 km of trekking. Uphill followed by 6 km over flat land that will take us to our goal called Rainbow Mountain or Vinicunca Mountain which is located at 5100 meter about sea level where we will enjoy the spectacular panoramic views across the ancient valleys Ausangate. We will show you a good place to stop and enjoy the flight of the condor and see walk wild Llamas, Alpacas and Vicuñas .

After this we will turn back on the same trail, This time it will be easier because most of the trail is easy sailing—downhill! Once we get back to Quesuno, we will have a lunch then we will take our transportation back to Cusco where we will drop you off at your hotel.

Lima - Peru Classic 25 days 24 nights



  • 02 Persons group / $.110.00 PER PERSON.

  • 03 Persons group / $.90.00 PER PERSON.

  • 04 Persons group / $.85.00 PER PERSON.

  • 05 Persons group / $.75.00 PER PERSON.

  • 06 Persons group / $.70.00 PER PERSON.

  • 08-More Persons group / $.65.00 PER PERSON.



  • Pre-departure briefing in Cusco

  • Professional bilingual Tour Guide.(2 guides for groups over 16 people)

  • Pick-up from your hotel in the morning

  • Private transport to starting point of the trek

  • Private transport back to Cusco

  • Local Breakfast and Lunch

  • First-aid kit including emergency oxygen bottle

  • Entrance fees to Rainbow Mountain

No included:

  • Extra horse to ride or for any extra backpack.

  • Personal trekking gear

  • Walkig Sticks

  • Tip for Guides or Extra horse man.

  • Dinner